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How to solve the crusher dust problems?
Technical articles

How to solve the crusher dust problems?

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To add the dust removal device for impact crusher, reduce dust overflow, in addition, to periodically check the impact crusher parts wear, avoid due to machine internal sealing lead dust overflow, abnormal situation to timely repair, so that the machine has a good working state.

Impact crusher working when a large amount of dust causes mainly show in two aspects.

First, the material is rotating at high speed under the action of breaking hammer plus material in a crushing chamber for crushing, crushing fineness of the particles is small, in the rotation process, fine powder particles due to inertia, will constantly flies outward, causing the crusher dust when the job is larger.

In second, impact crusher in long time work, back lining and hammer will appear a certain degree of wear, even the hammer there may be a fault, the counterattack scaleboard can appear off the case, this will make the machine seal becomes worse, resulting in a large number of fine powder particle flying out.

The above is the causes and solutions of impact crusher dust when the job too much.