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Double teeth roller crusher break lignite and clay
Technical articles

Double teeth roller crusher break lignite and clay

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Lignite is low rank coal, divided into texture is loose and soft earthy lignite and dense texture and hard dark brown coal, mainly used in power plant fuel.Freshly mined out due to the high water content of lignite, a soft and tough plastic block, if the use of hammer type crusher due to the high moisture content to discharge, the jaw crusher can squeeze into a pie, not broken.Double teeth roller crusher can be effectively broken lignite, in order to solve the problem of discharging can be set so that the crushed lignite scraper can not be attached on the roller wheel, thereby solving the cutting stock problem; on the other hand, improve the speed and effective method.

Clay is very wide usage, cement, pharmaceutical, ceramics, refractories and other industrial areas of raw materials, but clay processing especially the crushing process is very complex.Soil water content in 18% to 25%, under pressure, water analysis, and soil formation of viscous material, attached to the crushing wall caused for car.Therefore only allow the clay to quickly through the extruded layer, and set the scraper to attached to the crushing wall can be effectively broken.In this respect, jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher and do not have the condition, and Double teeth roller crusher is able to meet the requirements.In order to reduce the clay crushing cause nausea cars, must raise the rotation speed of the roll, but clay multiple associated granite and other hard stone, speed too fast can cause excessive wear, so double toothed roll crusher roller adopts wear-resistant materials.At the same time double toothed roll crusher roller after can rely on hydraulic and spring action yielding automatically, make the clay associated excellent material falling, reduce loss.