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Hammer crusher vibrating reasons
Technical articles

Hammer crusher vibrating reasons

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Hammer crusher is the major ore plant widely used, is a brittle ore fine crushing equipment preferred.The device works, the hammer is hinged on the speed of rotation of the rotor, the lower part is provided with a grate to control the discharge granularity.Is sent to a crusher material is first subjected to high speed movement of the hammer and the impact of the initial crushing, and at the same time gain kinetic energy, high speed to the inner wall of the housing of the broken plate was broken again.Less than grate gap material is exhausted out of the machine, than grate gap material block in the bar again by hammer impact and abrasive, until less than grate gaps are discharged after.Hammer crusher in production are likely to occur in the case of vibration crusher why strong vibration, if vibrates violently, there may be several situations:

1, bottom fixed nuts are not fixed tight or loose in operation.The solution is fastening.

2, the bending of the main shaft deformation.The solution is alignment or replacement.

3, bearing clearance exceeds the limit or damage.Are generally used for replacement of bearings in order to solve the problem.

4, the rotor other part weight is balanced, then the need for careful examination of adjusting balance respectively.

5, the maintenance of the hammer mounting error.Hammer piece change face turn when in use, to prevent rotor weight loss of balance, all hammer inside disintegrator piece must change a face to turn around simultaneously, otherwise it will produce intense vibration in move.

6, corresponding to two groups of hammer piece the difference of weight more than 5 g.Method of exclusion is the adjustment of hammer weight, so that the corresponding group of two the difference of weight less than 5 grams.Stone crusher

7, individual hammer stuck tight, run away in No.Shutdown turned by hand to observe, think of a way to make the hammer rotates flexibly.