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Double teeth roller crusher three elements of operation atte
Technical articles

Double teeth roller crusher three elements of operation atte

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One, ready
before the operation of double teeth roller crusher:

1, check all parts are complete, intact.

2, check the safety device, lighting, signal integrity.

3, check the oil quantity is sufficient, the amount to be moderate, oily to clean, maintain good lubrication.

4, check roll crusher has no foreign body.

5, check the buffer device is flexible and reliable, the load pin is intact, dust, spraying device does play a role.

Two,  double teeth roller crusher operation

The double teeth roller crusher in the operation process of start to load.

To drive signal, to actuate the material receiving device, another crusher, current decreased to normal values after, put into operation, and spray dust.

Always check the motor and bearing temperature is normal, indicating whether the current within the required range, toothed roll crusher run sound abnormity, found the accident and the potential, should stop immediately, and to the dispatch control room and related post issued an emergency stop signal.

It is prohibited to open production of observation holes, to prevent material flying out to hurt people.

Check whether it meets the requirements of size, found serious ultra grain phenomenon report processing.

Three, parking

Receiving the stop signal, stop to the crusher feeding; broken materials after emptying, then stop, at the same time to stop the dust spray, to the station to send a stop signal.

Accident shutdown should also be material removal after the restart.

Do a good job after stopping the equipment inspection and maintenance.