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Double roll crusher seven maintenance keys
Technical articles

Double roll crusher seven maintenance keys

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Double roll crusher maintenance, according to machine type and working conditions vary in different.The general is the note:

1, Before starting, shall first be used to move the one or two circle manpower driving wheel, confirm the flexible movement, can only drive.double roller crusher machine in normal operation after feeding.

2, Stop before the operation, should stop feeding and material discharging machine in the net, and then cut off the motor power supply.

3, In the operation should pay attention to in the bearing so that the bearing temperature, keep good lubrication, and pay attention to sound and vibration are abnormal.Found in the normal condition, should check for parking is not easily broken objects stuck, or mechanical damage.

4, To keep the roller crusher uniform feeding, preventing overload.To prevent the metal and wood can not be broken objects fall into the machine.Not broken, feeding water can not be too high; wet crushing, is required to maintain proper water, avoid flushing and congestion, reduce the production capacity.

5, Check whether it meets the requirements of crushed granularity.If more than a predetermined size particles in excess, should find out the reason (such as the sieve gap is too large, the discharge is too wide, the hammer wear), and take appropriate measures to eliminate.

6, The roll crusher when parking, to check if the fastening bolt is strong, easy wear parts wear degree.Pair roller type crusher, should also make use of the opportunity to get rid of tooth roll parking sandwiched between wood.

7, Double roller crusher wear parts, should be timely replacement or repair.

8, the roll crusher safety device, to remain in good condition, will be for the convenience, and make the insurance device failure