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Domestic Garbage Screening Equipment-Environmental Roller Sc
Technical articles

Domestic Garbage Screening Equipment-Environmental Roller Sc

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The new domestic garbage drum sieve, mainly for the city of garbage screening treatment, the use of garbage to provide an effective shortcut. The device has the following points:
1. changed the old space inside the equipment complex, small, easy to hinder the material, the screen is easy to plug, clean up inconvenient, the new roller sieve is outside the ring gear drive, the internal space is large, small obstruction, easy maintenance, and in enough space plus The cleaning device is provided to reduce the clogging of the sieve and improve the yield and reliability of the screening system.

2. the overall equipment can be used according to user needs different materials, especially the internal structure of the core, is entirely using the latest design concept, not only to protect the screen mesh size, but also with self-cleaning, self-cleaning function, High pressure water pipes, but also to strengthen the self-cleaning effect.
3. the new drum screen sealing is good, beautiful appearance, easy disassembly. The machine is equipped with quick access to the door, the other equipment is very convenient maintenance, equipment sealed dust cover at both ends of the observation hole, can observe the operation of the equipment at any time.