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The Main Advantages And Uses of GTS Drum Sieves
Technical articles

The Main Advantages And Uses of GTS Drum Sieves

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Product Usage

GTS drum screen is my company for power plants, coking plants, building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, mining and other industries developed a special drum sieve equipment, it overcomes the various shaker in the screening of wet material when the screen sticky plug Problem, improve the production and reliability of the screening system. Suitable for screening all kinds of materials, as well as coal, coal gangue, coke and raw lime and other moisture easy to plug materials, sieve products up to 100mm, the middle 10-50mm, the smallest up to 3mm below the product by the majority of users Praise.

Performance characteristics

1. The use of rolling conveying principle, the friction coefficient is small, wear light, the screen is not easy to plug.
2. The drum support the use of the overall shaft structure, smooth operation, no vibration, low noise.
3. The internal drum screen accessories using split design, simple structure, easy and quick replacement replacement.
4. The drum body with an effective all-sealed structure, no dust, no pollution.
5. Safe and reliable operation, the use of slow drive, high transmission efficiency, with a small power, low energy consumption, energy saving effect is obvious.
6. According to customer requirements using different screen materials, mesh size, high screening efficiency, long life, low maintenance costs.

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