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How To Solve The Drum Mesh Plug?
Technical articles

How To Solve The Drum Mesh Plug?

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Roller sieve is a kind of mineral processing equipment which is classified according to the particle size of the material. It is also known as drum screening machine. It is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. Commonly used in the fine grained material grading to improve the quality of the material. As the drum sieve has many advantages, such as the sieve is not easy to block, smooth operation, low noise, screening tube can be closed, easy to close dust collection, the use of special screens, screening efficiency, long life, etc., so in the daily Industrial, mining and other production is very common. But once the drum screen appears plugging phenomenon how do we solve it?

Sometimes by adding a mechanism in the fixed frame, and then by the rotation of the body to drive the belt above it constantly rapping the surface of the sieve, in order to draw the plug in the sieve inside the raw material particles, this method in practice There is a little disadvantage that will produce more dust. The following are the same as the Another method is to use the impact of the impact of the block, this method requires a large enough to support the ring sleeve wall thickness, so that it can withstand the collision block in the removal of jamming raw material particles when the impact.

The third method: the use of water washed away the way to plug the impurities of the screen. Can be installed in the top of the drum screen with a number of small holes in the stainless steel pipe, the use of water flow to plug the impurities of the screen to rush.

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