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It is Necessary to Operate the Roller Crusher Correctly
Technical articles

It is Necessary to Operate the Roller Crusher Correctly

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Roller crusher is the current user demand is relatively large crusher equipment, customers in the use of the process often have a variety of problems. Therefore, the correct operation of the roller crusher is necessary, it is related to the roller crusher working efficiency and service life, thus affecting our normal production. We listen to HSM mechanical authority is how to analyze and solve.

The crushing ratio of the roller crusher is generally 3 to 15, the feed particle size can not be large, generally should not exceed 25m m, can be used in the middle of the production line crushing or crushing, if the raw material is moderate hardness or soft material Suitable, such as coal, stone, shale, soil, slag and other raw materials can be broken with the roller, HSM roller crusher equipment is not only small, broken than large, low noise, and energy consumption reduced by 30% , Its production of sand and gravel aggregate uniform size, to solve the problem of low crushing rate.

The biggest drawback to the roll is that the outer surface of the roller is easy to wear and wear, resulting in an increase in the gap between the two rollers, which in turn can not guarantee the material size requirements. The wear of the roller crusher is due to the poor quality of the equipment repair or the poor quality of the repair, as well as the structural defects of the parts, the poor quality of the material, the serious violation of the operating procedures caused by severe wear and tear, sometimes due to careless or unpredictable work The cause will cause damage to the equipment caused by suspicious production, accident wear is not allowed to occur, in the event of every effort to carry out repairs. When used to measure the gap and maintenance, the general use of melting night and grinding the way.

Any equipment in the use of the process will be more or less some problems, of course, the roller crusher is no exception. The key is that we are right to operate the roller crusher equipment is necessary, and in the course of the process to be able to detect problems and properly resolved, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Henan Gongyi HSM roller crusher with more advanced roller machine roller skin with a special wear-resistant materials, wear life is a few times the ordinary material, greatly improving the efficiency of the roller machine and life.

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