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Common Faults and Solutions of Four Roll Crusher
Technical articles

Common Faults and Solutions of Four Roll Crusher

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Four-roll crusher is an indispensable mechanical equipment in mineral processing equipment. The machine has the advantages of small footprint, compact structure, high output, uniform particle size and low maintenance cost. Four roller crusher in the daily work will inevitably be a variety of failures, first of all we should understand what the four roller crusher common faults, and then find a reasonable solution to these problems. Then the daily life of four roller crushing opportunities which failure, today HSM machinery for everyone to reveal the four-roll crusher common fault and solution.

1, V-belt fracture
The triangular belt is broken because the load in the normal production increases, causing the pulley to slip and wear the V-belt, resulting in serious wear of the belt.
Solution: the transformation of the transmission system, that is, the original belt drive to the coupling drive. Combined with the actual location of the site, re-pouring concrete motor foundation, build motor platform.

2, up and down the roller can not open
Tubing oil leakage can not keep the hydraulic system pressure, causing the upper and lower crushing roller can not open. The reason is that the hydraulic pipe design is irrational, the tubing dragged on the ground by trampling, or due to sprinkle cleaning is not timely pipeline buried, to the pipeline should not increase the external force, resulting in pipeline interface oil leakage and poor oil and other issues.

Solution: the oil circuit transformation, that is, for the problem of tubing wear on the hydraulic circuit transformation. In the four-roll crusher above the welding platform, the tubing lengthened from the top of the platform through, can be completely rooted in the tubing and the material was buried deep buried phenomenon. Greatly extend the tubing life, reduce tubing abnormal wear and tear, reduce maintenance costs, the effective elimination of hydraulic system does not hold the pressure caused by the upper and lower crushing roller can not open the problem.

3, the electromagnetic interference
The lower roller motor adopts frequency conversion control, although the control method can meet the production requirements in theory, but the is easy to produce high harmonic interference mixing system, resulting in cold cylinder stop.
Solution: The electrical control system to transform. Can remove the , switch to contact control, to achieve simple control, easy maintenance, the complete elimination of interference purposes.

4, the cover material is not easy to clean the inside
The inside of the cover material is not easy to clean, especially the bottom of the cover, the need to use a heavy hammer to bond the bulk of the material can be destroyed, often resulting in deformation of the cover. In addition, sometimes the bottom of the cover material is not cleared thoroughly, and the gap between the roller body decreases, when the pressure after the roll back, due to the accumulation of space occupied by the hood.
Solution: Redesign the roll cover to increase the internal space of the cover. For the bottom of the cover material is not easy to clean up the problem, can be set in the bottom of the cover specifically set the mouth, the bottom of the material from the mouth of the liquid can be successfully pulled out, put an end to the cover due to knock deformation and bad phenomenon.

Regular inspection of the four-roll crusher can reduce the machine failure, and then delay production, the technical staff of the four four-roll crusher common faults and solutions hope that we remember, and flexible application to the actual maintenance work The This will help users and friends to continuously improve the efficiency of broken production. Four-roll crusher is our Gong YI City HSM Machinery Factory's main product, customers in the purchase of four-roll crusher must be careful when the four-roll crusher to conduct field trips to avoid wasting money.