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How Effective is the Prevention of Roller Crusher Breakdown?
Technical articles

How Effective is the Prevention of Roller Crusher Breakdown?

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During the operation of the machine, the roller crusher is in direct contact with the crushing roller and is broken. Especially when the material hardness is relatively large, will cause the broken plate bolt vibration, nut loose, so that the wear and tear of the broken plate intensified, and produce noise, serious, will break off the broken or broken equipment caused by downtime, affecting the normal production. The Encountered such a failure, but the reinforcement bolts, nuts can not completely solve the problem, according to the specific circumstances of the site for specific analysis, in order to quickly and effectively solve the problem, to extend the service life of the roller crusher.

1. In the crusher installed before the feeding of the iron removal device to prevent non-crushing materials into the crushing chamber caused failure, affecting the normal production of machinery and equipment.
2. Roll crusher in the crushing of large pieces of material, pay attention to the safety of the surrounding workers, to prevent large pieces of material from the crushing chamber extrusion injury to others.
3. In the roller crusher for a long time after work, the roller surface wear serious, will result in the material size is too small, to regularly check the degree of wear and the discharge of the ore discharge particle size.
4. Sticky material will clog the crushing chamber, to clean up the crushing chamber in time, remember to stop and then clean up.
5. To regularly check the roller crusher in a timely manner to do a good job lubrication and fasteners fastening work.

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