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How to Improve the Efficiency of the Roller Crusher?
Technical articles

How to Improve the Efficiency of the Roller Crusher?

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The roller crusher is mainly driven by the motor by the V-belt two rollers to do the relative direction of rotation to complete the material broken. In many industries have played a significant role, whether domestic or foreign, the purchase of roller crusher users have a lot. But sometimes the roll crusher is also a problem, such as the work efficiency, how to do this can improve the efficiency of the roller crusher has become the most concerned about the user, then how do we solve it?

1. A reasonable choice of roller crusher model and control the feed diameter. In general, the diameter of the roller crusher roll should not be less than 9 times the size of the clay before breaking, that is, D ≥ 9r, in order to achieve good crushing effect.
2. Control the moisture content of the material. Material moisture content should not be too high, generally should be controlled at 15% or less, otherwise the formation of mud group, affecting the crushing efficiency and crushing effect.
3. The feed should be average. Do not suddenly add too much material, the material is best to fall on the width of the roller to increase the uneven wear of the roller.
4. To maintain the appropriate roller gap. The gap between the two rollers should be kept between 3 ~ 5mm, the gap should be timely repair or change, otherwise the impact of broken effect.
5. If necessary, take a two-roll process, that is, using two pairs of roller crusher to stop the rough and crushed, abundant to ensure the quality of broken.
All of these are good to note, then improve the efficiency of the roller crusher is not a problem, if you do not know what the problem, or want to know our equipment, you can contact us at any time, our staff will be detailed for You answer.