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The Cause of the Temperature Rise of the Jaw Crusher
Technical articles

The Cause of the Temperature Rise of the Jaw Crusher

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The Cause of the Temperature Rise of the Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are widely used in cement, coal preparation, chemical, power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors, mainly used for limestone, coal, coke, shale, chalk, gypsum, slag and other hard and soft materials , Fine broken. However, in the actual production process, the jaw crusher will appear too high temperature conditions, then the temperature rise of what are the reasons?

1. Friction parts temperature. The machine in the high-speed operation, due to friction and produce power consumption, all into heat, causing friction parts temperature rise.
2. Bearing temperature. Jaw crusher in high temperature work, the preferred should always pay attention to the bearing temperature, to maintain a good lubrication, and pay attention to the sound and vibration with or without exception. If you find abnormal, immediately stop the inspection, identify the reasons, to confirm that it is not broken pieces of stuck, or hammer and other parts of the damage occurred.
3. Moving Jaw Plate temperature. Jaw crusher is the use of the top and bottom of the jaw to squeeze the rolling material to crush, moving parts up and down close to the fixed jaw, the material crushed, moving off the jaw plate, the product from the discharge port discharge. If can see the operation of the jaw plate action intensity, moving plate temperature is prone to abnormal, when the temperature rise to a certain limit will cause damage to the jaw, if necessary, to take some measures to solve the jaw plate-temperature rise anomalies, to avoid equipment failure caused by downtime, reduce production efficiency.

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