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The Feeder in the Crushing Process Can’t be Ignored
Technical articles

The Feeder in the Crushing Process Can’t be Ignored

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The feeder is the main feeding equipment of the mine crusher and the milling machine. In the crushing and grinding production process, the function of the vibrating feeder is to feed the main crusher and the mill equipment. material. So as to assist the crusher and milling machine to complete the raw material grinding operations. The role of the feeder in the crusher production process can not be ignored.

Huashengming mechanical vibration feeder installed in the bottom of the silo, smooth amplitude, uniform feeding. This equipment is a necessary equipment in the crushing and grinding line. In a variety of ore processing site should be carried out daily maintenance work, to avoid accidental failure caused by non-planned discontinued. Contact with the mining industry more people know that in the production process sometimes there will be vibration feeder can not start or the amplitude is too small, resulting in the situation can not work properly, when there is a problem, we should be resolved according to the situation in order to protect The normal operation of the raw material crushing and milling section. The feeder can be so widely used because it has many features. It has no relative moving parts, almost no mechanical friction, no lubrication point of good sealing, low power consumption, can work in hot and humid environment, in addition, it is easy to install, easy to operate, easy maintenance, low management costs. In particular, this feeder for automatic control, can achieve the production process automation. Electromagnetic vibration feeder manufacturing has been serialized, standardized, electromagnetic vibration feeder technical specifications.

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