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Crusher Model, PC Hammer Crusher Have Which Models?
Technical articles

Crusher Model, PC Hammer Crusher Have Which Models?

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Hammer crusher, the most common in the industry for the pc series, in the crusher series belong to the earliest one. It has a long history, after years of development, more and more models and easy to buy. Also meet the needs of users. HSM machinery is a manufacturer of hammer crusher, impact crusher, composite crusher, cone crusher, granite crusher and other equipment manufacturers, a variety of advanced technology products, many mines are used by the country.

Crusher model, HSM PC hammer crusher has which models? It has PCΦ200 × 300, PCΦ400 × 600, PCΦ800 × 1000, PCΦ1000 × 1000, PCΦ1600 × 1600 and other large and medium-sized more than 10 models, different models, production capacity is different, the user can choose according to their own needs. Personnel can also recommend the appropriate model for the user.

For the convenience of customers to more detailed understanding of the equipment, focusing on HSM models of a hammer crusher, PCΦ1600 × 1600. This is the largest model of the series of equipment, allowing the maximum material size of the material is 350 mm, the material size is generally between 5-35 mm, can be adjusted at intervals of 100-200 tons of material per hour, the annual production capacity to reach 1 million tons. Buy crusher, go to Henan HSM machinery!