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Hammer Crusher Maintenance and Precautions
Technical articles

Hammer Crusher Maintenance and Precautions

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1. Bearing overheating. Cause: Grease is low; grease is too much; grease is fouling; bearing is damaged.
Elimination method: filling the appropriate amount of grease; bearing grease should be 50% of its space volume; cleaning bearings; replacement of grease;
2. The material size is too large. Reason: hammer wear too large; sieve bar broken.
Remedy: Replace the hammer; replace the sieve bar.
3. Elastic coupling percussion. Reason: pin loose; elastic ring wear;
Remedy: Stop and tighten the pin nuts; replace the elastic ring.
4. Yield reduction. Reason: the screen bar gap is blocked; feeding uneven.
Exclusion method: stop, clean up the cracks in the screen bar; adjust the feeding mechanism.
5. A percussion sound inside the machine. Reason: non-broken material into the machine; liner fasteners loose, hammer impact on the liner; hammer or other parts broken.
Remove the method: stop, clean up the crushing chamber; check the tightening of the liner and the gap between the hammer and the screen; replace the broken parts.
6. Vibration volume step. Reason: replacement of the hammer or due to the cone wear to make the rotor static balance does not meet the requirements; hammer broken, rotor imbalance; pin bending, broken; triangular disc or disc cracks;
Exclusion method: remove the hammer, according to the weight of the choice of hammer, so that the weight of each hammer shaft on the weight of the hammer relative to the total weight of the hammer shaft equal, that is, static balance to meet the requirements; replacement hammer; replacement pin; Repair or replace; fasten the anchor bolts.


1: Check the equipment regularly, including whether the screws are loose, the lubrication status is good, the parts are damaged, etc., it is best to check before use, this can guarantee the normal work of the machine, but also can extend the machine life, reduce the cost of maintenance.
2: According to the requirements of different equipment to use lubricating materials, some bearings require lubricating oil, may require some grease, this should be selected according to equipment requirements.
3: The machine should keep in the operation of the machine above no debris, no dust, etc., to regulate the operation, if there is an abnormal situation must stop using, and then maintenance, and other troubleshooting can be used.