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How Many Kinds of Hammer Crusher's Hammer?
Technical articles

How Many Kinds of Hammer Crusher's Hammer?

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Hammer crushing machine wear parts generally include hammer, grate and lining, which hammer is broken when the work of the core components, its using life of hammer also determines the life of the crusher. So that the choice of good wear resistance of the hammer will be a great improvement on the production, thus choose a good hammer is essential. Several hammer types as below:

1. High manganese steel crusher hammer: hardening index 5-7 times higher than other materials, the need for a strong impact, in order to quickly harden to improve wear resistance, so the requirements of the stone crusher itself is relatively high.
2. Forging crusher hammer: is made of high quality wheel round steel, the use of forging method can be in the process of metal smelting process to produce loose loose to eliminate.
3. Carbide hammer: to avoid the crack, desoldering, collapse, out block and other shortcomings, with high hardness and bending strength.
4. High-alloy hammer: is a very high-quality wear-resistant materials, can be a good application in the crusher, impact crusher, but because of the toughness of high-alloy alloy is relatively poor, if there is no hammer support It is easy to break.

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