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How to determine the quality of jaw crusher?
Technical articles

How to determine the quality of jaw crusher?

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1. Rack, jaw plate, side guards, transmission parts, adjustment devices, lubrication devices, etc. are the most important parts of the jaw crusher, when buy jaw crusher we have to carefully check the various parts can be seen, such as whether there are cracks and so on,
2. Identification of jaw crusher plates material. The main components for the two plates(moving plate and fixed plate), the material of jaw plates is generally high hardness and wear-resistant high manganese steel, so jaw crusher plates if not is high manganese steel material, then the crushing efficiency must not be high, the quality would be poor.
3. Jaw crusher's weight. The same type of jaw crusher weight is specified, each jaw crusher models have the standard technical parameters.
4. Configure the standard motor. Do not mavericks pull carts, or yield can not reach, but also easy to damage the motor, the motor power is also provided.
5. Good quality products are not afraid of maintenance, warranty, inspection, etc., in the purchase of jaw crusher, we can consult with the manufacturers to discuss the purchase of jaw crusher after a variety of problems, through a variety of solutions to the problem Judging the quality of jaw crusher quality is good or bad.