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Jaw Crusher,First Choice Among All Crushing Equipment
Technical articles

Jaw Crusher,First Choice Among All Crushing Equipment

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Jaw Crusher,First Choice Among All Crushing Equipment
PE Jaw crusher is the first choice for primary stone crusher. Jaw crusher has large crushing ratios, even granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and low operation cost, etc. Thus, it is widely used in mining, building materials, road , rail and water, and many other sectors.
Jaw crusher is the type of crushing equipment which crushes materials by compressing and bending two jaw plates. It suits for rough and medium crushing of various hard materials. Jaw crusher consists of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plates. The time when the two jaw plates come close materials are crushed into pieces. When they gets apart, materials are discharged out from the bottom. It works intermittently. This crusher, due to its simple structure, reliable operation, large crushing ratio, etc, are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and other industrial sectors. And compared with cone crusher, Jaw Crusher needs less investment, with less tone tablets in its final products. The production cost is low. In comparison with hammer crusher, wear parts of jaw crusher has longer service life, high efficiency and needs smaller investment in its later production.
Commonly used jaw crusher includes two types: one has double impact plates and the other has single impact plate. For the former one, its movable jaw does simple swing at work, so, called simple swing jaw crusher; for the latter, its movable jaw also does up and down movements in the swing, so called complex swing jaw crusher. Powerful crushing capacity makes jaw crusher very active in market, and customers are also very satisfied.
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