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The Double Roller Crusher Reviews
Technical articles

The Double Roller Crusher Reviews

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The Double Roller Crusher Reviews

The double roller crusher is the use of roller surface friction material bite broken zone, which bear extrusion or splitting broken machinery. When used for crushing or increasing crushing ratio, often on the roller surface to make the teeth or grooves to increase the splitting effect. Roll crusher usually according to the number of roller is a single roller, double roller and multiple roller crusher, used in thick broken, broken, or fine coal, limestone, cement clinker and feldspar in hard the following material. Today we introduce the characteristics of the double roller crusher.

The series of roll crusher is mainly composed of a roller wheel support bearing, roller wheel, compressing and regulating device and a driving device and other components.The driving mechanism is composed of two motors, through a triangle belt transmission into the groove wheel drive roller, in accordance with the relative direction of motion rotation.In the broken material, material from the inlet through the roller compacted, broken, broken after the finished product from the base bottom exhaust.For security, the transmission part should be based on the actual situation to install safety cover.

Double roller crusher for cement, mineral processing, chemical industry, abrasive, refractory materials, building materials and other industrial departments of fine variety of high, medium hardness ore and rock with, especially in the building materials industry in the production of melon rice and mung bean sand stone and other products, has a general crushing machinery more excellent effect.


Roll crusher work should pay special attention to the following points: the viscous material easy to plug the crushing space, failure in handling the plug should stop processing, can not be carried out poke mine in operation; the roller crusher run a long time, due to the roll surface wear large, particle size too small will cause, then pay attention to adjust the row of mine export or on equipment maintenance; to strengthen the work to mine iron, non broken material into the roller crusher and will become damaged, resulting in parking accident, so in the crusher to be installed before the iron removing device; when the processing of the materials containing large chunks, the chunks of ore should pay attention to space squeezed out easily from broken, to prevent injury or damage to equipment; to strengthen the inspection of the equipment, the equipment lubrication parts should be on time and fuel, to maintain the equipment in good lubrication.