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Jaw crusher speed control problem
Technical articles

Jaw crusher speed control problem

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Gongyi huashengming machinery factory crusher equipment, from product design, production parts are carefully developed through professionals polished production, we look at how to solve the problem of jaw crusher speed in stone production line.
Stone production line is dedicated production line of sand and stone production buildings, highways, railways and other industries. The jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry the medium granularity crushing various ore and bulk materials.
Stone production line when the rotation of the jaw crusher, the working resistance power and drive power for the most jaw crusher can not in any instantaneous remain equal. Spindle speed increases when dynamic power is greater than the resistance power; reduce and vice versa. At this speed fluctuations will affect the cattle production process, causing the elastic vibration, consume power and reduce the mechanical efficiency, and even affect the strength of the component. Therefore, for the working resistance was cycle parts or aperiodic changes in mechanical governor to solve the problem. Jaw crusher for stone production line spindle system, if we omitted the movable jaw, eccentric shaft moment of inertia, the dynamic power of the prime mover 80% to the flywheel, 20% of the power consumption is used to overcome friction and wear, broken power entirely by flywheel supply.
Periodic speed fluctuations the governor most common way is to select the appropriate quality components (such as flywheel) to achieve their goals, jaw crusher, for example, when moving jaw at the factory empty drive, drive power is greater than the resistance reactive, flywheel energy storage up, when the movable jaw working stroke, the drive power is less than the resistance reactive flywheel energy released supplemental dynamic reactive enough, so that the fluctuations in the spindle speed of operation of adjusting the allowed range, the same time, the power is also comparable to the original small. 
This requires that the operator strictly manipulate the jaw crusher and timing control of the speed, and from time to time to strengthen the maintenance of the equipment performance is the key of the device is capable of more long-term efficient operation.
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