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The Potential Use of Double Roll Crusher
Technical articles

The Potential Use of Double Roll Crusher

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Double roll crusher has great potentiality among the crushing equipments because of its steady development in market. Double roll crusher is the crushing machine that uses the friction of roller surface to bite the materials into the crushing area and then make them squeezed or fractured for the purpose of being crushed. When used in roughly crushing or need to increase crushing ratio, the double roll crusher will be often made teeth or groove in the roll surface to increase the fracturing effect. The advantages of double roll crusher are as follows:
 First, Big Crushing Ratio
The crushing ratio of the double roll crusher can be 50 up, which is twice more than that of jaw crusher and cone crusher. Thus, the crusher that crushes by the way of impacting can be used in better ways in the condition that need crushing materials into single ones, such as the crushing of the limestone in the cement industry.
Second, Good Product Particles
With the impact, the broken material is often fractured along the most vulnerable  level. It will be more probable to get the grains that were in the form of cube by using this selective crushing method. As a result, the percentage content of needle flake finished product is lower than that of jaw crusher and cone crusher by 10%. So, the double roll crusher is often used as the final crushing equipment in the condition that needs cube particles, such as the skid-free road surface of high grade highway.
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