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How to improve the working efficiency of circular vibrating
Technical articles

How to improve the working efficiency of circular vibrating

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-10-23 06:56    Size:Small Medium Big
Circular vibrating screen is the most used screening machine, the benefit of enterprises will be increased if Improve screening efficiency,but its working efficiency not depend on the materials quantity,if you put the materials is too big, the sieve hole will be blocking,the sieve hole is easy to damage,this will be counterproductive. we should be strict control the screen component, screening material depends on how much material characteristics and screen material. Material of high moisture content or viscous larger easy to produce condensation reduce efficiency of screening, the material and sieve if do vertical motion, it can be increase the speed of the sieve material to improve working efficiency. Sieve the effective area of screening of large amount of material, improve the working efficiency.
Power motor of vibrating is also decided to screening efficiency factors,should be choose the working frequency and exciting force are biggest power,speed to close to the operating frequency,the biggest shock force must be in the chosen of motor synthesis vibration force range,according to the selection work frequency and big vibration force choose vibration motor power; Material movement speed also on efficiency plays an important factor, athletes meeting cause screening not thoroughly, in the screen before the determination of the best material movement speed, and according to different material choose a different screen, in order to improve equipment processing capacity.