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Three sections crushing process, three stage crushing flow
Technical articles

Three sections crushing process, three stage crushing flow

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Ore crushing process flow with ore washing work
When the mud(-3mm) content in raw ores is greater than 5-10% and the water content is greater than 5 ~ 8%, ores in fine grain level will bond into lump so that production conditions of ore crushing process will deteriorate, such as crushing cavity in crusher and sieve pore in sieving machine will be blocked, and when the condition is serious the production can't be going on. At this time, ore washing facilities should be added in the ore crushing process. Adding ore washing machine, can make full use of the equipment potential, make production regular, ameliorate labor strength, improve the recovery of useful metal and expand the use of resource.
Ore washing work usually be set in the front or back of th coarse crushing, depending on the size of raw ore, the moisture content and the structure of the ore washing equipment. Commonly used ore washing equipments are washing screen(diagrid sieve, vibrating screen and cylinder sieve), slotted ore washing machine and cylinder ore washing machine. After ore washing, some of the clean ores need to be crushed, some can be regarded as qualified grain level. If the mud that washed out has a grade which is similar to tailings grade, the mud can be abandoned. If the grade is similar to raw ore grade, the mud need to be select. For the different nature of the raw ore, the ore washing methods and fine mud treatment are different so that there are different process flows.
Determine the basic principles of ore crushing process
The purpose of ore crushing is that makes the ores, raw materials or fuels reach certain particle size requirement. In ore dressing, the purposes of ore crushing are that:
(1)Providing the most reasonable ore size to rod milling, ball mill and autogenous mill, or providing qualified grinding medium to autogenous mill and gravel mill.
(2) Making coarse grain embedded mineral monomer disintegrate preliminarily so that dressing methods in coarse grain level can be used, such as heavy medium dressing, jigging dressing, dry magnetic separation and washing dressing.
(3) Making the high grade iron ore reach a certain particle size requirements so that the ores can be directly smelt.
The basic form of crushing section:
(a)crushing section of single crushing work;
(b)crushing section with pre-sieving work;
(c) crushing section with checking and sieving work;
(d) crushing section with pre-sieving work and checking and sieving work( pre-sieving work and checking and sieving work can be doing in different sieve, or the same sieve).
Three sections crushing flow
The basic form of three-stage crushing flow consists of: three sections of open circuit process and three sections and a closed-circuit process. As grinding preparation work, three sections and a closed-circuit process is widely used. Whether underground mining or open mining, as long as the mud content in crude ore is not high, the ores can adapted effectively . Therefore, the dressing plant with different scales can use the three sections and a closed-circuit process.
Compared with three sections and a closed-circuit process, the product in three sections of open circuit process is coarse grained but this process can simplify configuration in crushing plant and save infrastructure investment. Therefore, three sections of open circuit process can be used in such conditions: the feed size in ore grinding is not so strict, or rod mill is used in coarse grinding during grinding period, or when processing clay ore stone with high moisture, or limited by topography. In processing ores with high mud content and high water content, sieve net and crushing cavity in three sections and a closed-circuit process will be easily blocked, but three sections of open circuit process does not have this question.
The ore crushing flow that uses three sections of open circuit process with ball mill, will not need complex closed-circuit screening and transportation operations with production returning. What's more, ball mill is hardly effected by feed size and discharging size is uniform so that operation stability of grinding work in next period can be guaranteed. At the same time, the dust in production process is less so that working sanitary condition can be improved. When asked to process grinding mineral production with coarse granularity (in gravity separation factory) or process minerals which is brittle (tungsten ore, tin ore) and large specific gravity (lead ore), three sections of open circuit process can be used. Only when dealing with very hard minerals and in dressing plant with large scale, four sections crushing flow will be used in order to reduce crushing ratio in each section or increase total crushing ratio.