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The classification of crusher machine
Technical articles

The classification of crusher machine

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Crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other industries.
It can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher, according to different categories. Medical crusher mainly used for crushing calculus, generally, resonance and other methods will be used to drive calculus way and avoid  all kinds of risks in surgery. Mining crusher (crushing equipment), mainly used to break stones, it can be divided into many different types.
According to crushing modes, they can be divided into two categories: (1) crusher (2) ball mill  machine. 
According to the structural characteristics and the mechanical principles, crusher, can be divided into seven categories roughly:(1) Jaw crusher (2)  cone crusher (3) impact crusher (4)Double roll crusher (5)Fine crusher(6) ball mill (7) other type of grinding machine.
Crusher finds its way to handle chunks of materials or products with coarse granularity, usually more than 8 mm. The structural characteristics of crusher makes it possible to have a certain gap between crushing parts, they don't touch each other when works. In addition, crusher applies to crush all kinds of ore and rock over different hardness or thickness.
Usually ball mill  handles fine materials, the product is fine grain size, which amount to 0. 074 mm, or even more fine size. Crushing parts (or medium) touch each other when works. Steel ball, steel bar, gravel or ore blocks, etc.are used as medium. However, some machine is equipped with the effect of crushing and grinding at the same time, such as the grinding machine.Different machine may have both advantages and defects, when purchase, even the tiny details should be took into consideration.