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The developing trend of ball mill
Technical articles

The developing trend of ball mill

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In recent years, wear-resistant casting industry has developed continuously with the development of our national economy. Now,it has become an independent industry.Cast iron is very common in the process of cast iron products. For its quality problem,we must learn about the effects of several factors of cast iron pieces of ball mill.
(1)The process operation. Control and check the quality of the casting in the manufacturing production.
(2)Possess a reasonable casting process.
(3)The quality of raw materials in the casting. If the quality of the raw materials dose not match the standard, it will make the iron casting generate defects, which effects of appearing quality and internal quality or even make the cast iron scrap.
At present, due to the inevitable and objective wear problem in the development of the industry exists in reality. Therefore, as long as the basic raw material industry develops, the needs of casting wear-resistant parts will be also continuous in supply. As the ceaseless progress of industry and the requirements of energy saving and environmental protecting, the quantity and variety of the wear-resistant parts in demand will continue to expand. The wear-resistant castings industry will be more prosperous and have a stronger vitality. Welding power source should be able to guarantee the long time continuous and stable work. The operation machine can realize automatic welding gun moving vertical and horizontal direction.
According to different discharging methods, ball mills fall into grate ball mill and overflow ball mill. Long Jing ball mill is widely used in beneficiation, building material and chemical industries. Ball mill is suitable for dry-type ore grinding and wet-type ore grinding.