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Crusher equipment of maintenance measures
Technical articles

Crusher equipment of maintenance measures

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Crusher equipment due to the long-term work in harsh conditions, exacerbated by the wear of the rotor bearing. The rotor crusher does not work, the rotor crusher work is 
irreplaceable. However, it is also easy broken, rotor bearing is not only expensive, also the replacement is very difficult, often resulting in the cut-off loss.
HSM Heavy crushing machine equipment in high quality, and superior product quality is also a need to maintain. Crusher equipment in harsh conditions for a long, serious machine 
wear, how to take effective measures to improve the life of the crusher equipment rotor bearing, is the concern of our customers in the course, we need to its normal state to 
make more Note:
1.To improve the crusher bearing force status, the role of impact load on the bearing depends on the role of the impulse on the rotor and the bearing support flexibility, 
increase the bearing support flexibility, will reduce the effect on the bearing impact loads. so we added in between the bearing and the support frame of the appropriate 
thickness of rubber sheet in order to improve the bearing support flexibility. Added a rubber sheet, increasing the support flexibility to absorb part of the vibrational 
energy, to improve the bearing force status, to achieve the purpose of extending the service life.
2.Correct choice in the choice of the model of the rotor bearing, double row radial spherical roller bearings has a carrying capacity, aligning performance advantages in the 
choice of the use of such bearings as rotor bearings, and another bearing in select the calculation of life should be appropriate to 5000 ~ 10000h.
3. Improve the accuracy of the balance of the rotor, rotor mass crusher equipment, high speed, the casting deviation of the rotor body and the mass deviation will make the 
rotor mounting plate hammer caused the unbalanced centrifugal force, the centrifugal force so that the machine-generated forced vibration, resulting in the destruction of the 
bearings and other parts, crusher rotor balance test must be carried out if the diameter of the rotor body is small, can change the quality of the blocking plate on both sides 
of the rotor body balance, if the diameter of the rotor body, the weight welded to the walls of the rotor in vitro in order to prevent the fall, a few rows of slots can be cast 
in the appropriate location, with emphasis vibration weight mosaic, and then welded on, so that both solid and beautiful.
4.Reasonable regulation of the co-ordination between the impact of broken rotor bearing work bear impact load is subjected to the size of the load in the rolling body is not 
the same, in the rolling element under the joint effect of the impact load force inside and outside the ring raceway is also here with the rolling element contact force due to 
the inner working non-stop rotation, the contact point on the track by force and then to force minimum cycle need to make the inner ring with the bear in some, so it will not 
produce the phenomenon of a point to stay in the maximum point of the force is different outer ring, outer ring is relatively fixed, by the most points will remain in a fixed 
point, so if The outer ring with the loose, it is likely to produce a slight shift in the impact, which increased the maximum force point, while extending the life of the outer