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The Crusher of maintenance
Technical articles

The Crusher of maintenance

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In the stone production line, the use of relatively more equipment is crusher equipment, which are used for stone crushing jaw crusher, two times the fine impact crusher, or by forming a heavy stone crusher. Sometimes according to process requirements, need to configure the impact crusher equipment. So in the stone production line equipment, most of the maintenance work is aimed at crushing machine equipment maintenance work, do a good job in this part of the work will make the stone production line maintenance work smoothly. We will from the three aspects of the crusher equipment maintenance.
1. crusher equipment bearing maintenance:
Crusher bearing position is most easily broken, wear away during use is relatively large so require frequent maintenance, often filling in order to increase the service life of the bearing.
2. crusher equipment daily aspects of maintenance:
In order to ensure the crusher is in good technical position, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve crusher intact ratio, utilization rate, reduce the crushing machine abrasion, prolong the service life of crusher; do regular maintenance, force, correctly handle the relationship between the use of maintenance and repair, not allowed to use only do not raise or only repair do not raise.
3.crusher equipment lubrication maintenance:
Constant attention and timely lubrication friction face, jaw crusher can guarantee the normal operation and to extend the service life of the equipment. Adding the grease for the bearing capacity of 50-70%, every three months must be replaced once, when changing the oil application of clean gasoline or kerosene carefully cleaning the track roller bearings. Elbow board and board pad contact, crusher actuate the front must inject grease.