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How to extend the service life of Impact Crusher
Technical articles

How to extend the service life of Impact Crusher

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Impact crusher for stone production and sand production of important finely equipment, HSM as a professional crusher production factory, we recommend that you buy when the impact crusher further contrast, actually HSM suggest you impact crusher and finely machine principle is the same, just be according to your demand to purchase, the general new old customers know crusher equipment to be used often and long-term sit idle time by time will rust, however, also can't super heavy load of the to run, otherwise, will accelerate reduce the service life of the crusher, crusher equipment operation should be combining exertion, completes the maintenance work and rest between timing, HSM machinery as a professional manufacturer of crusher, we provide for the customer the most professional crusher, will be for the impactcrusher spray paint on stainless steel, let you trust to purchase, ease use.
The impact crusher broken stone often need to use high strength of grinding machine, if using the impact crusher don't properly before guard against, it will affect the raw output, even when major will make the crusher in application process destruction, the formation of heavy mining equipment loss. So, in the use of the prepared well when necessary, can in sure level reduced the machine malfunction probability, these so-called problem can be solved, HSM mechanical here sweet hint: have intention to buy or have bought the impactcrusher new old customer, pay attention to the following, let your impact crusher efficient operation of smooth:
1) check the impact crusher broken cavity is a foreign body, including process in the cavity with material, various production tools, iron wire, iron, etc.;
2) check the peace of the impact crusher way is perfect;
3) to examine whether the screw machine is fixed, become loose, carrying the machine is too soft foundation;
4) check the machine's bearing need smooth place whether smooth good, rare oil terminal of the smooth agent is shortage.
Do all of the above your impact crusher basic will normal operation.