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The impact crusher's medium
Technical articles

The impact crusher's medium

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The impact crusher medium has two meanings, one is in what grinding in, and the second is to What using grinding.
Broken can be in the air in the ground or so-called dry and broken, but because of the crushing efficiency is low, the dust and voice is bigger, in addition to serious dry or dry processing are not using the dry and broken.
Most of the water medium wet broken. Wet broken to crusher is in constant into minerals and water, mineral in the medium of the impact and broken constantly under the action of grinding strip mill is depends.
Ground substance is used to ore grinding medium, commonly used in the crushing medium has a ball or balls, followed by steel rods, in special cases can also be gravel, used to always put on to the ball, rod, gravel stone medium crushing called the medium crushing.
In the dense mineral process, sometimes also can add to the crusher crushing medium, used the mineral crusher, the crusher known as a medium crusher, also called the mill. In the process of crusher for grinding machine function better, commonly used impact breaker of equipment and coordinates, to make the grain as early as the qualified depends separate chosen don't work dressing. Not eligible rent to return to grinding machine of grinding again, so the impactcrusher ore is the of all kinds of different particle size of the OARS mixture according to settlement at different speeds into double, fine different particle size level of process.
The impact crusher have air as medium dry impact breaker and taking water as the medium wet grading. Wet classification effect is good, concentrator ore-milling classification work is used mostly wet classification, because in the ore mineral QianBuLiDu characteristics of useful is very complicated, to prevent a grinding or improve grinding save rate should not be a useful mineral and the gangue minerals, useful and valuable mineral to a grinding disintegrate, in the coarse grinding conditions that part of the solution has monomer from useful mineral, through the classification equipment is isolated. Have not yet monomer disintegrate even had to return to the body grinding machine to grinding, such not only improves the grinding efficiency and prevent the mill.