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The jaw crusher performance
Technical articles

The jaw crusher performance

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-07-27 06:10    Size:Small Medium Big
Jaw crusher after so many years of development, has been updated several times, new jaw crusher with other PCL jaw crusher,the third generation of jaw crusher and rod grinding sand machine, has unique advantages, is the ideal equipment for many large engineering. Jaw crusher after so many years of development, has its own unique properties of these properties, there are many other crusher incomparable. The following simply introduces for everybody.
The new jaw crusher with reasonable structure, in the crushing cavity on both sides of a two examination of the mouth, convenient examination and repair; work smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency; for different materials can be broken, such as dry material can be grinding fine, no clogging phenomenon; in the selection of the time focused more on the wear resistance, the counterattack scaleboard, an impact block the use of wear-resistant materials, long service life; the internal vortex cavity internal air circulation, little dust pollution; jaw crusher also has the installation modes, movable type installation, the other a lot of machine is unable to do, is the jaw crusher with a special design in it; the most important, but also the most important, is that the jaw crusher crusher product of small particle size, particle type, pollution is little.
Jaw crusher, whether in the field or in the field of sand mill, is the large number of enterprises preferred ideal equipment, is also a kind of in the same industry recognized a new efficient sand equipment, lead system sand equipment industry development direction! Welcome more enterprises to buy jaw crusher