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Box type crusher
Stone crushing

Box type crusher

new box type heavy stone crusher


loading and deliverying of box type crusher from factory


lining board of box type crusher    internal structure of box type crusher



Box-type crusher is also called square box crusher, heavy hammer crusher. It is used for crushing fragile materials including coal, salt, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, limestone, bluestone, shale, coal gangue etc. The compressive strength of materials should be no more than 300 Mpa, and moisture content should be less than 30%.

Box type crusher is one of important parts in new type stone making production line. New designed heavy hammer crusher substitute previous secondary crusher, it is energy saving and economical. Box-type crusher is produced based on equipments like jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher etc, as well as absorbing advanced technology abroad and home. Big stone can be fed into crusher directly and automatically, it is a fully automatic production line and uses fewer workers and less energy. Its capacity can reach above 1000 tons per day. It is the most advanced and suitable stone making production line, and welcomed by most of customers.

Box-type crusher’s working principle:

Stone drop into the high-speed rotating turntable directly, with the effect of centrifugal force, cause high speed crashing. Because of crashing with high speed, vortex motion will be formed between the turntable and chassis then cause crashing, friction, grinding between each other, until crushed into the required size.

Box-type crusher’s features:

  1. Large feeding size, suitable for high strength and large lump material, less powder
  2. Material is crushed each other, low power consumption.
  3. New type hammer crusher, large impact strength
  4. Hammer axle installation can be adjustable and long lifetime hammer head.
  5. Grid size adjustable, controlled product size, good particle shape.
  6. Box crusher body can overturn, convenient to be repaired.
  7. Square handle bolt, shock resistance and wear resistance.
  8. Compact structure, good steel performance.
  9. Convenience for installation and shipping.
  10.  Multifunction, high effective, few wearing parts.

Box-type crusher’s technical  specification:

Model Rotor diameter(mm) Rotor diameter(mm) Capacity (t/h) Feeding size(mm)Max Suitable for material Power(kw)
700x1000 700 1000 50-80 500 All kinds of material with strength no more than 300Mpa 45-55
900x1200 900 1200 70-100 800 75-90
1000x1000 1000 1000 90-120 800 75-90
1200x1200 1200 1200 130-160 900 110-132
1400x1400 1400 1400 190-210 1000 132-160
1600x1600 1600 1600 250-300 1000 160-210
1800x1800 1800 1800 300-400 1200 210-280

Notice: Any change of technical specification shall not be advised additionally.