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Introduction of Drum Sieve Freeze - Drying Method
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Introduction of Drum Sieve Freeze - Drying Method

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Roller sieve overheating steam drying technology is a new energy-saving drying method. It is the use of superheated steam directly with the wet material to remove moisture in a dry way. Compared with the traditional hot air drying, superheated steam drying is water vapor as a drying medium, the drum screen exclusion of exhaust gas is also all water vapor, so the drying process only one gaseous component exists, so the mass transfer resistance is very small. While the exhaust gas temperature is maintained at 100 ℃ or more, so the recovery is relatively easy, the use of condensation, compression and other methods to recover the latent heat of steam and then use, and thus high thermal efficiency. In addition, because the heat capacity of water vapor is 1 times larger than the air, the consumption of drying medium is significantly reduced, so the unit energy consumption is low.

The advantages of freeze-drying of drums are many: low-pressure materials are not easy to oxidize and degrade, inhibit the vitality of some cells; low temperature materials in the heat-sensitive ingredients retained, to maximize the retention of the original ingredients in the material; pre-freeze to form a skeleton, dry can maintain the original shape of the material, the formation of multi-porous structure; good rehydration, rapid recovery of water, its quality and basically the same before drying.

The drum sieve can be vacuum dried in the production, and similarly, if the temperature is kept constant and the pressure is reduced, the same result is obtained. Vacuum freeze-drying is based on the nature of this water, the use of refrigeration equipment will be frozen into a solid material, and then pumped into a vacuum so that solid ice directly sublimation of gaseous water vapor, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

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