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What is the operating specification of the drum sieve?
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What is the operating specification of the drum sieve?

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In the current machinery industry market, the production of machinery and equipment manufacturers are more and more, we Junan machinery as a professional manufacturer, has always been with the concept of customer first in doing the product, we produce the drum screen has been Have a good reputation! So today we explain to you about the drum sieve when the operating specifications:
1. To the sieve in the drum sieve in a stable operation, start the feed and discharge equipment, feeding test.
2. When the drum screen after the normal discharge closed sealing cover. The following are the same as the "
3. The operator should always pay attention to check the material size and the presence of leakage and dust.
4. Drum screen in the course of work should always check the operation, in particular, need to pay attention to the operation is not normal or abnormal sound.

I hope this simple roller sieve operation norms can give you the time to use to provide convenience, if there are other professional issues, you are welcome to call the consultation, or to plant direct advice! We are always welcome everyone!
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