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How to Extend the Service Life of the Roller Crusher?
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How to Extend the Service Life of the Roller Crusher?

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Roller crusher is a new environmentally friendly energy efficient crushing equipment, because of its working principle broke through the traditional broken theory, bringing a series of comprehensive performance advantages. However, no matter how good the roller crusher to be maintained in order to extend the life, rather than blindly to the production, do not do protection and maintenance, long dust and raw material residue precipitation caused by the machine parts and vulnerable Pieces of wear. How to extend the service life of the roller crusher? Huashengming answer you one by one.

1. To strengthen the mine to iron work. Non-crushed material (drill bit and other objects) fall into the roller will damage the crusher, resulting in a parking accident. So in the crusher should be installed before the iron removal device.
2. Sticky material is easy to plug the broken space, in the treatment of jamming failure should be parking treatment, not in the operation of poking mine.
3. When dealing with the material containing large chunks, it should be noted that large pieces of ore easily squeezed out from the broken space to prevent wounding or damage to equipment.
4. The roller crusher running for a long time, due to the large wear on the roll surface, will cause the product size is too small, then pay attention to adjust the discharge port or equipment maintenance.
5. To strengthen the inspection of the equipment, the lubrication of the equipment on time to refuel, to maintain good lubrication equipment.
Huashengming machinery is a professional manufacturer of roller crusher, our installation staff will be from time to time to the customer site maintenance and search to ensure the best quality, service in place.